Will an Open House Sell My House? It Can Certainly Help

If you want to do everything possible to sell your house quickly— and for the most money — it’s worthwhile to consider having an open house. Potential buyers need to experience firsthand what homes have to offer in person. An open house offers a pressure-free atmosphere for doing just that. An experienced agent will promote your event and will be there to greet attendees and offer all the information they need. 

Your only job is to leave the house for a few hours, and then wait as the offers come in! 

Why an Open House Can Help Your Home Sell

Having an open house to sell a house might feel like a hassle. It does require decluttering and cleaning, as well as finding a place to take the family and pets for a few hours. But the benefit of an open house is that instead of doing all that just for one showing, you allow multiple potential buyers to see it at once. Here are several other great reasons. 

Creates Awareness That the Home is Available

Advertising and marketing are key to selling a home, and open houses create even more buzz than the typical listing. A couple of weeks before the event, your agent will post information about the open house on social media sites as well as on the MLS. Being able to see the date, time, description of the home, and photos will not only spur interest from potential buyers but an online post can be liked and shared to reach even more people who might be interested in seeing your house in person. 

A few days before the open house, signs posted around your neighborhood will notify neighbors and anyone driving by that your home will soon be available for showing. If they aren’t interested in seeing the home themselves, they can pass the information along to friends or family looking to move to the area.

Brings Online Listings to Life

Only 4% of buyers in 2023 actually purchased a home after only seeing an open house sign. However, 50% of buyers made a purchase after first seeing the property online. In today’s market, the internet and open houses are a powerful combination. Internet listings spur interest, but most buyers need to view homes in person to know if they want to make an offer.

Instead of just looking at a picture of the house online, or driving by to see its curb appeal, open houses allow people to take a closer look. They’ll see the lovely few of your neighborhood from the front porch. It lets them size up bedrooms and maneuver through the floorplan better than any video tour can show them. And some elements, like loads of natural light; the warm touch of a heated floor; the smell of cookies baking in the kitchen; and the breeze blowing through the beautiful trees in the backyard, will help them picture themselves living there.   

Takes Pressure Off of Buyers

Even when potential buyers like a home they see online, have trouble finding time to call their agent, and even more trouble finding time for a scheduled showing. Some may be just starting to look and don’t have an agent yet. Open houses allow people to roam through the home on a weekend, at their leisure, taking in each room at their own pace.

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Allows Other Agents to View the Property

Buyers’ agents often tour open houses as a “preview” for their buyers. They may not have anyone specific in mind when they come to your home but will think of a client it might be perfect for by the time they leave. If an agent ends up bringing a serious buyer back to your property, that’s a sure sign that the open house was a good idea.  

Lets Prospective Buyers See Their Competition

If a buyer thinks they are the only one interested in your property, there’s no reason for them to act quickly. They won’t be concerned about getting outbid either and likely will offer below listing price. 

But at an open house, multiple prospective buyers are present at once. As people see their competition walk in, they’ll prepare to do everything it takes not to lose the home – even if that means making an offer on the spot or paying above the asking price.   

Provides Feedback for Improvements

Selling a house does not require major updates or renovations, especially for things the buyer may want to change themselves. But when people are walking through your open house, they will notice things you’ve become used to. Maybe they are really turned off by the lime green kitchen, or they noticed that the drawers in all the bathrooms are loose. 

Experienced agents know to ask for feedback as attendees exit your home. By looking at the list of comments together, you and your agent can devise a plan for making your house more appealing to future prospects.

Ask Your Realtor About an Open House to Sell Your House

If your house is on the market, your agent should be doing everything possible to help it sell. In the St. Louis area, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Select Properties has extensive knowledge about what it takes to sell homes fast, and for the best prices. We will discuss whether an open house is a good option for selling your home, and if it is, schedule a time that’s convenient for you and your family. 

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